Friday Follies #96 – Making Grammar Great Again, One Hyphen at a Time

Hi FF fans! The Grammar Cop is delighted to ‘see’ you all again after a glorious vacation – although she is NOT delighted to uncover yet more abominable English errors! Sigh…

Without further ado:

  1. DAILYKOS.COM: “He flails around wildly, confident that Trump’s tornado-like swatch of destruction will cover any level of incompetence.”
  2. HUFFINGTONPOST.COM: “There are also ways to discuss warning signs with public figures for mental health issues, but it’s best done when the individual themselves shares their personal story and has their doctor weigh in, Riba says.”
  3. THESUBURBAN.COM: “Israel today has it’s own version in Tel Aviv Mayor Ron Huldai.”



And the corrections:

  1. Last I recall, the “Swatch” was a trendy brand of watch. But used here, not only is it not trendy, it’s despicable. The word should be swath. (Yes, I know, a “swatch” is also a sample of cloth, but I was trying to be funny… with the accent on “trying.” 🙂 )
  2. Okay, this sentence is a tangled mess of singulars and plurals. Nothing seems to agree with anything else. It may be rewritten as: …but it’s best if the people themselves share their personal stories and have their doctors weigh in. Thus, the plural form holds all the way through. Either that, or you can use only the singular, as: ...but it’s best when the individual him-/herself shares his/her personal story and has his/her doctor weigh in. But this is HORRENDOUS because of the awkward gender problem. I would go with the tidy gender-neutral plural form. (Oh and by the way, it should be mental-health issues. With a hyphen.)
  3. NO! IT’S with an apostrophe is the contraction for IT IS. The possessive form of IT is ITS with NO apostrophe. Grrr. Again, in an editorial. Will they ever learn? Apparently not.

Thanks for dropping by my den of bungled boo-boos. Have a great week, and hope to see you next Friday!

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