Friday Follies #105 – Making Grammar Great Again, One Hyphen at a Time

Greetings, fellow language lovers! The Grammar Cop has prepared a super all-Suburban set of gaffes for you this week. (This paper alone can keep her in business!)

  1. (In editorial) “This newspaper has, and will continue to, stand staunchly behind this endeavour.”
  2. (Headline) “Sniping councilors at last meeting of CDN/NDG council before election”
  3. (In article) “Fats are also easily available through non-animal based foods, such as…”



Corrections are:

  1. Here we have a truly offensive grammatical boo-boo. The best way to fix the sentence would be to rewrite it, as: This newspaper has stood staunchly behind this endeavour, and will continue to do so. The reason is that, in the original, if you take out the phrase “and will continue to,” you’re left with “This newspaper has stand staunchly behind this endeavour”… which of course gives you the wrong verb tense (“stand”).
  2. Doesn’t the word “councilors” jump out at you as a spelling mistake? Okay, I know it won’t if you’re American. However, if you’re from a Commonwealth country such as England, Australia or Canada (Hi!), it should have two l’s, as in councillors. ‘Cause that’s how we roll. 😀
  3. I give them two points for the hyphen between “non” and “animal.” But where’s the one between “animal” and “based”? Missing, that’s where! It should say non-animal-based foods. The reason is that the phrase – consisting of all three words – is considered a compound adjective describing foods. And compound adjectives almost always take hyphens.

My work is done for the day! I shall begin stockpiling mistakes for our next edition of – oh, wait a minute! I already see another one here! Welllll, we’ll get to it next Friday, so until then, have a great error-free week!

5 thoughts on “Friday Follies #105 – Making Grammar Great Again, One Hyphen at a Time

  1. Thank you for excusing me for #2. I looked at “sniping” and wondered if there might have been a picture of people cutting things with scissors, and therefore “snipping.” That wasn’t the problem, after all.

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