Friday Follies #117 – Making Grammar Great Again, One Hyphen at a Time

Welcome back, Friday Follies fans! So nice to ‘see’ you all again! The Grammar Cop has been very busy collecting a nice pile of infractions which she will use as cautionary tales for you, dear readers.

Today we will highlight some true-life examples of wrong-word-itis:

  1. “So with all that being said, it means that Princess Charlotte could be offered the opportunity when it comes for her to bare children.”
  2. “We now know that Mueller’s investigators have been pouring over thousands of emails from the Trump Transition Team since early September.”
  3. “Additionally, the dog appears to be getting a bad wrap because this is yet another occurrence of a dog bite in Dallas, TX…”
  4. “Imagine breaking a bone and not being in discomfort or touching something hot and being unphased.”



Corrections. Ready?

  1. This writer apparently doesn’t know the difference between bare and bear, so I will explain it to her/him: One does not “bare” children – unless one is taking the little tykes’ clothes off in order to give them a bath, let’s say. No, a woman must bear children, i.e., give birth to them.
  2. Are the investigators “pouring” over the emails with water? Coffee? Grand Marnier? Inquiring thirsty minds want to know. Ohhh, you mean poring?! Yes. To pore over means to look at closely.
  3. “Wrap”? Is the dog being gift-wrapped for Christmas? But – Christmas is over now. So perhaps this dog is getting a bad rap, a slang term for “reputation”? That sounds right. Because it is!
  4. Sigh. The Grammar Cop has seen this confusion so often. The word should be unfazed. To be unfazed by something means you’re undaunted, not put off by it. See? As far as “unphased” – there is no such word. See for yourself, if you wish:

Did you enjoy today’s little lesson featuring homonyms? I hope so! Next week we will move on to… something else! 🙂 See you then!


11 thoughts on “Friday Follies #117 – Making Grammar Great Again, One Hyphen at a Time

  1. Well… those little gems were unbareable. I poured over them with Grand Marnier per your suggestion (you were suggesting that, weren’t you?) and found that the more I poured, the less lethal the little buggers appeared.

    Now, of course, I can’t go out because I’m over the legal BAC for walking! But I remain unphased (that is to say, I’m not seeing double. Yet.) and will rap this little shindig up now. 😀

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  2. 1-No doubt the writer would ask readers to bare with him/her as he/she goes in search of the Grammar Cop. Impudence! This is a family newspaper!
    2-Yes, it has been reported (by the fake media) that they poured pina coladas all over the computers to delete the emails in question.
    3-Actually, the dog ordered a steak wrap and was served a veggie wrap which was not to his liking.
    4-Clearly, the writer of that little gem is going through a bad grammar phase. Do bare with him/her. 🙂

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    1. Dear Mer: ‘You’re’ fabulous phrases will never ‘phase’ this Grammar Cop! She is a relentless warrior, seeking to lay ‘bear’ misteaks everywhere. She appreciates ‘you’re’ efforts, ‘pouring’ over her work with great diligence. 😜

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