Garage Sale Finds

Some of my favourite possessions were finds at garage sales, flea markets, yard sales or craft shows. I’d like to share photos of just a few…

Peach flower vase

I spotted this lovely peachy vase at a church flea market (the best for variety and prices!) – and fell in love instantly. It perfectly matches the other peach accents in my living room. I also love the water-colour/pen-and-ink style of how it was painted. (Please ignore the kitty-printed pillow below the vase; I stood it on the top platform of Annie’s cat tree to get the best light from the window! 😀 ).

Pink headband & scarf

Here I’m modelling a headband bought at a giant craft show. That was several years ago; I still wear it although it’s become a bit, well, fuzzy. I already owned that scarf. Amazing match, don’t you think?!

Bedroom painting

I saw this print at a yard sale but didn’t have money on me at the time. I passed by again a couple of hours later, this time with some bucks on me, and bought it for $15! (She lowered the price from $20, since she was ending the sale for the day.) I love it because it matches the red-and-white decor of my bedroom. I know that it’s probably not everyone’s cup of tea, but as the saying goes, “one man’s meat is another man’s poison.”

Baskets nesting

Did I mention my basket collection? For years I was addicted, I swear! Every garage sale would yield a few. I love these little ones, since they nest one inside the other like Russian dolls. I don’t use them for anything, but find them so cute to look at! 🙂

Tea set

What a pretty tea set. Er… no? Well, I thought it was when I bought it at a yard sale, a steal at $5. Later I realized that A) it doesn’t match anything I have, and B) I don’t drink tea or even serve it very often. I did enjoy looking at it for awhile, until, well, I didn’t. Buh-bye, tea set. I hope someone else appreciates it now – I donated it to a garage sale at a seniors’ centre.

Garage sale painting

I saved the best and most apropos for the last. This is a painting I bought at a flea market held at a nearby church. I love that it’s a painting of – a garage sale! I did it the honour of having it framed.

Well, these are just several items from my years of garage-sale addiction. But now I must bring my habit to a halt; in fact I wrote about this painful realization last year in this post:

Anyway, it seems I have found a new pastime to replace the old one: blogging. Yay! 😀


16 thoughts on “Garage Sale Finds

  1. Oh I love the tea set, however I too would never use it 🙂 Until I read the headband was purchased after the scarf I thought at first they were a pair. gorgeous!! That vase is stunning. The picture of the garage sale is just perfect! I love flea markets etc. You never know what you may find.

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  2. The vase is (was?) beautiful. Until you threw it at me. Metaphorically!
    (Don’t worry, dear blog readers, it was just a joke on Facebook. No vases were harmed in the writing of the post or this comment. 😀 )

    The pink headband. Well… NEXT!

    The pic in your bedroom is great because you can look up at while lying in bed and it looks exactly the same as looking at it while standing near the foot of the bed.

    The next yard/garage sale I see, I will look for matching tiskets and/or taskets for your baskets!

    I DRINK TEA! (I’ll leave it at that! 😉 )

    A painting of a garage sale. Hold the presses. Call Rod Serling. Have I got an idea for him!!! 😮

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