Before Our Eyes

Before our eyes we are witnessing the destruction – from within – of our great neighbour to the south of us, that bastion of democracy, the United States of America.

Crying statue of liberty
Photo: Freedom (cc) by Lindholm Art

For the United States are united no more. Almost half the country has seen to it that the most corrupt, selfish, backward, evil people have taken hold of the reins of government: the executive, judiciary and legislative branches.

They are people who are bent on destroying all the careful regulations drawn up by previous governments to protect and enhance the welfare of citizens.

They are people who are intent on devaluing the lives of its youth in favour of machines whose only purpose is to kill as many as possible.

They are people who lie, lie, and lie again. And their blind followers believe the lies or choose to defy them.

They are people who intend to have all others bend to their will no matter what. This is fascism. This is what our forbears fought so hard against in the great wars; they must be turning in their graves now.

Americans who are still sane and righteous are apologizing for their government and its deranged, narcissistic leader. To those apologetic Americans, I say: no need.

Rather, I am sorry. I am sorry you are stuck with this abhorrent government and its heedless trickle-down effects. For your growth has now been stopped in its tracks, and the respect other countries once had for you has dissipated. In just a little over a year, your country’s stature has declined immeasurably.

The sooner your evildoers from within are gone, the better for us all. Please, please make it happen.


4 thoughts on “Before Our Eyes

  1. Ellie, very well said. Thank you for your condolences. I am one of the sane and righteous persons who are apologizing for the devils currently in power. I know that we are the laughing stock of the world and it pains me. Hopefully this nightmare will end in November 2020 and I pray that the cretin-in-chief, if he chooses to run again, will not be the victor this time but instead will be the Ultimate Loser. Donald, you’re fired!!!

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