Great TV Shows #1

The Handmaid’s Tale  (no spoilers, don’t worry!)

The Handmaid's Tale screen shot
Handmaid’s Tale screen shot (cc) photo by Penn State

This incredible series, based on the novel by acclaimed Canadian author Margaret Atwood, was destined to be great. The episodes are filled with almost-unbearable suspense and fiercely poignant moments. No wonder – the story is set in a terrible post-apocalyptic future where part of the U.S. has become a theocratic, fascist state. (Shades of where things might be headed now, please no!)

If you’re not already watching Handmaid, try to find it and catch up; binge-watching is in order – although that may prove difficult due to its extraordinary levels of tension and terror. I’ve been watching it on Bravo (in Canada); it is produced by Hulu in the U.S.

Elisabeth Moss is truly believable in the lead role of the captive handmaid, June (“Offred”). We suffer with her and join her in her tiny attempts at rebellion. The rest of the cast including Joseph Fiennes are excellent too.

It helps that Ms. Atwood is a consulting producer on the show. I’m sure she has a hand in keeping the tone just right. Along with “Offred” you always feel that you’re teetering on the edge of escape to safety on the one hand, vs. torture and oblivion on the other.

It’s almost at the end of Season 2 now; the wait for Season 3 will be excruciating. This program has one of the highest IMDb ratings I’ve ever seen – 8.6 out of 10. It’s well-deserved.


9 thoughts on “Great TV Shows #1

        1. I should have done that the first time Ellie. It was required reading for a college class … I could picture the book, thinking it was about water for some reason. I just looked and it was “Surfacing” and it was published in 1972. I remembered our teacher was a big fan so it was required reading.

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  1. Yes, gripping drama by Atwood and the producers of the show. And yes, it appears like Trump is trying to create a real-life version of Gilead.

    Now, here in Ontario, Canada, we have a newly elected Premier who seems to be emulating Trump and his (idiotic, protectionist, self-serving, self-destructing) policies.

    I’m going for a nap along with Rip Van Winkle. Wake me up in twenty years. If it’s safe.

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