Round and round and round she goes…

Okay, whose nutty idea was this?

A couple of days ago my beau, John, set out in a rental car packed with his belongings from Sudbury (Ontario) to drive the 700 km to Montreal (Quebec) in order to (finally! 😜) move in with me.

He left around noon Thursday, hoping to make it here in time for a nice, leisurely 7:00 p.m. candlelit dinner. He even factored in a one-hour quick visit with his son in North Bay, as it was on the way.

He eventually arrived in Montreal at 1 a.m. Friday morning! Of course by then I had put the dinner in the fridge. So what happened?

What happened was: construction on many of the highways, detour signs of all sizes and shapes, languages, descriptions, some with NO descriptions – and an utter lack of signs indicating where to go instead, lack of any signage showing what road he was on, and how to get back to the proper highway he wanted to be on, to get to where he needed to go. Insanity and inanity!

There was a time years ago when Quebec came up with a (much derided) slogan for itself: Québec sait faire – which in English means Quebec knows how. They soon had to abandon that misguided catchphrase, since the populace lost no time in making fun of it. The endless loops and circles poor John was forced to make, as if in a maze designed by a crazy madman! – was a perfect example of Quebec NOT “knowing how.”

It’s a miracle he made it here in one piece. As I said, it was 1 a.m. by then.

We postponed the wine. 😅

11 thoughts on “Round and round and round she goes…

  1. Wow – this is happening already … I remember you said he was arriving later in the year and here it is happening. Well here in Michigan we have big issues. The Operating Engineers who operate the big construction equipment on big infrastructure projects, walked off the job the day after Labor Day. We have 150 large projects, torn up with no one working on them, and in November you must cease pouring cement or it won’t set or may crack.


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