Friday Follies #158 – Making Grammar Great Again, One Hyphen at a Time

Hi FF fans! Welcome back to more mangled missteps, cited by the Grammar Cop!

  1. “Can you imagine the allergic reactions of those much more numerous who must breath in recycled air with pet dander?”
  2. “Trudeau’s Liberals are, in fact, as scandal-plagued as any of its predecessors.”
  3. “The winner was Roxboro’s Athena’s Pizzeria, with Dorval Pizza Express coming in at a very close second (just tenths of points away from the top score), …”


The corrections:

  1. If you must “breath” in something, make it breathe – with an e. That way you’ll have a nice verb, instead of a noun wondering what the heck it’s doing in a sentence that calls for a verb! (Breath is the noun. Breathe is the verb.)
  2. Why does it say “its” predecessors? What does this pronoun refer back to? It seems to refer back to “Trudeau’s Liberals.” But if that’s the case, “Liberals” is plural, so it should say their predecessors.
  3. Did a phrase in this partial sentence jump out at you as odd, as it did for me? “Tenths of points”? What on earth is that? It should be tenths of a point.

Questions, Concerns? General whining? See me after class! 😁



6 thoughts on “Friday Follies #158 – Making Grammar Great Again, One Hyphen at a Time

  1. I got #1 and #3 – the other one slipped right past me Ellie. Speaking of “past” … I often see people use “past” for “passed” and it is a pet peeve of mine, not quite as much as using the plural possessive incorrectly or messing up the use of “it’s” and “its” but it is way up there. 🙂

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