For Parents

Say Hi to my third book!

Do you want to be a better mom or dad? Or you think your adult son or daughter could be a better parent to your grandkids? Perhaps you think some tips could be useful for a friend or relative? My book can help!

During the 1980s, I worked as a social Parenting-cover
counsellor here in Montreal. At the Parent Enrichment Project and later at Ville Marie Social Service Centre I was a family support worker helping families in difficulty and teaching parenting skills.

I saw quite a wide range of parent-child interactions during my home visits, as I strived to teach people how to become better parents. The Dos and Don’ts offered throughout my book are drawn from my time spent with some of these families.

Later on I taught “Introduction to Intervention with Families” at Dawson College’s Social Service Department.

And somehow, my two children and I managed to survive in a single-parent household. My daughter, Kathryn Presner, and son, Jeremy Presner, are doing great!

How to be an (Almost) Perfect Parent is available now on Amazon as a paperback or as an eBook, which can be read on a Kindle OR any device via the free Kindle Reader app.


8 thoughts on “For Parents

      1. You’re welcome – that is admirable and you must have thought about writing a book for a long time then. What did I hear about books and Amazon earlier today as I thought about you? I heard it out of the corner of my ear and knew you self-published and wondered if it would affect you. I heard the story once, but, as you know, the news is full of the mid-term elections tomorrow and nothing else. Will Google and see if I can find the story. If so, will reply again here.


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