Friday Follies #160 – Making Grammar Great Again, One Hyphen at a Time

Welcome to another round of Bad Bloopers, FF fans! The Grammar Cop has some lulus for you. Take a look!

  1. “Wall of dust completely envelopes Australian town, gotta see it.”
  2. “She will talk about current events and the impact it has on our everyday life.”
  3. “The idea of the destruction of the Jewish people reached it’s zenith in a nation considered the most cultured of its time with the most integrated and assimilated Jewish population in history: Germany.


The corrections:

  1. So let’s review this: the noun is envelopes. The verb, however, is envelops, and it’s pronounced “en-vell-ups.” Which one is needed in the sentence above? The verb!
  2. Look at “the impact it has.” What does “it has” refer back to? This can’t possibly refer back to the “current events,” because those are plural… whereas “it has” is singular. So “it has” is wrong! The sentence should read: She will talk about current events and the impact they have on our everyday life. (By the way, I also like everyday lives instead of “everyday life.” But that’s just me.)
  3. And speaking of “it”… did you notice the inconsistency in this sentence? Here you’ll find two instances where its is needed as the possessive form of the pronoun, it. In the first case we have “it’s zenith” when it should say its zenith. Further along we see “of its time” which is correct! Let’s remember: its = possessive. It’s = a contraction for it is.

There’s enough destruction going on around us without the destruction of correct grammar too. The Grammar Cop’s hopes spring eternal!



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