Friday Follies #166 – Making Grammar Great Again, One Hyphen at a Time

Oh no! The Grammar Cop drank too much egg nog and missed her January 4th post date! Please join her in her latest installment, now in progress.

  1. “The executive committee member, Robert Beaudry, announced two much anticipated programs that will bring a shift…”
  2. “Furthermore, the poll found 69 percent of voters felt the media was crucial to democracy.”
  3. “Your story has peaked my curiosity. I have always liked trying to figure out what makes people…”


The corrections:

  1. Did you spot the sad example of hyphen-o-phobia here? It should say two much-anticipated programs, since much-anticipated is acting as a compound adjective modifying the noun, programs. Much is linked with anticipated. (In fact, much is an adverb modifying the adjective, anticipated. But don’t worry; you don’t need to know that. 😉)
  2. Regular FF readers should have instantly recognized the mistake in this one. Say it together with me: media is plural! Media is a plural Latin word. (The singular is medium.) Never say “mediums” because it is wrong. Therefore, since media is plural, the verb right after it should be plural too: the media were crucial to democracy. 
  3. Wrong word alert! The word here should be piqued, not “peaked.” End of story. 😁

I hope your holidays weren’t too laden with grammar glitches. May your paths of prose be smoothly paved from now on!



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