Femme Fatale 1936

Newly engaged and posing for the camera…

My mother stands attractively in front of her parents’ house in Outremont, Quebec.

Ida Merovitz - 1936 Outremont, Quebec
Ida Merovitz – 1936
Outremont, Quebec

Little did she know she’d have a son, Daniel, in five years’ time. And a daughter (me!) four years after that!

She’d be married almost 55 years before a stroke took my father’s life… and she was to remain in my life for another decade afterwards, steadfast, loving and true.

I miss you so deeply, mom! ❤

Ida + BooBoo



9 thoughts on “Femme Fatale 1936

  1. Very beautiful picture Ellie – I remember seeing pictures of my mom with a similar style of dress with the pleats, even the strapped shoes looked familiar, though my mom had to wear an orthopedic shoe, but she did have a pair of “dress-up” shoes like these. Vintage family pictures are the best keepsake.

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      1. My mom had a fountain pen as well Ellie. I can picture it as I write this … black with a gold top. I was fascinated with it when I was young. She rarely used it, but her penmanship was no nice, slanted and perfect next to my thick letters.

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