Family: 1929, 1936, 1952, 1953

A few snapshots in time. Snapshots of love.


The Merovitz girls - mom & aunts
Titled simply “Follies of 1929” by someone with a sense of humour.

Here the Merovitz girls pose like Rockettes of yore, according to age. From left to right, my aunts Edith, Anne, Gertrude, my mom Ida, aunts Bertha, Lillian, and Ethel. Where was the lone boy, my uncle Mel? Probably gone swimming! This bucolic summer setting was either St. Lin or perhaps Val Morin in Quebec’s Laurentian mountains.


Ida & Sam engagement 1936
A 1936 engagement.

Some of Ida’s sisters and her mother (my Bubby, Libby) pose with Ida’s new fiancé (Sam, on her left) to celebrate their engagement in 1936. The photo was taken in front of Ida’s parents’ home at 753 Outremont Avenue, in Outremont, Montreal. Hard to believe my parents-to-be were a mere 23 and 24 years old here!


family at bubby's-july 1953
A staircase of loved ones at 753 Outremont Avenue circa summer 1952.

Another family get-together. Let’s see: Top left is my aunt Pearl (who was married to the lone Merovitz boy, Mel); my grandmother holding baby Phyllis (my cousin); one stair down is my grandfather David holding Phyllis’s big brother Michael; a few stairs down are a trio of sisters: Ida (my mom), Lil, and Anne. On the bottom step is their sister Bertha holding – last but not least – me! Yeah, I don’t look happy, I have no idea why!


This is one of my very favourite family pics! Look at the sweet expression
on every one of their faces!

In an instant the camera has captured a moment of pure love and contentment on the faces of my little cousin Phyllis, left; my grandmother Libby, and my cousin Michael. It touches my heart.

I mourn my family members who have passed on, but will cherish their memories forever.



11 thoughts on “Family: 1929, 1936, 1952, 1953

  1. I can match, picture for picture…tracing the dating by looking at the borders on the photos. The early Kodak cameras had a steel scribe attached to the camera case…a slot on the case was lifted, and the date or place was inscribed. When the film was printed…voila, date and place right in the photo! The 1923 photos I have are also from Val Morin.It’s sad that the very early photos, while still in Russia, Poland, have no names attached, and with nobody left to ask.

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  2. I remember those stairs so well. My dad was most likely taking the photo of his sisters in the country. He was a great photographer and loved posing everyone.

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  3. I love seeing old photos – we’ve said before Ellie, that all old pictures, even in different families, tend to resemble one another from the styles, the poses … and the quality of the photos, just amazing isn’t it?

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