Begging your forgiveness…

I’m longing for a 40-hour day!

This is both an explanation and a request for absolution, mainly to my favourite bloggers whose posts I have “liked” and commented upon in the past. You know who you are. 😉

Photo (cc) by Tommy Ward

You may have noticed an absence of such comments/likes from me over the past couple of months. The reasons for this are fourfold.

  1. A day is comprised of only 24 hours. I know it’s not news to you (or to me) but – sob! – it’s a problem.
  2. I’ve had a live-in boyfriend since September. John is a super helpmate and all-round fantastic person – but it means I do way more things as part of a duo than I did before, when my activities were mostly solo. My blog-post-reading time has thus diminished. (Yeah, it’s all your fault, John! 😅)
  3. My writing time has increased immensely. This includes time spent using a thesaurus or dictionary, so that I don’t say things like “My writing time has increased bigly.” I’ve also begun doing research for a novel.
  4. Moreover, I must keep my own blog updated with my Friday Follies and Laughter: The Universal Language series, and other occasional posts.

In sum, mea culpa for my absence in the “like” and commenting areas of your posts. I promise to read them when I have the chance. I trust you lovely people will understand.

Au revoir, mes amis!




12 thoughts on “Begging your forgiveness…

  1. Maybe you should task John with commenting on all the blogs you follow!

    1 – Give him something to do when you’re writing
    2 – He could summarize the posts for you, allowing you to keep up while otherwise occupied
    3 – It would help support your writing/networking needs
    4 – Oh, um. He might actually enjoy some of the stuff you made him read.

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    1. Nice suggestions! But I can’t ask him just now. He’s busy vacuuming. He’ll then be washing the bathroom and kitchen floors. After that he’ll relax in a one-hour bath and then will make supper. Did I mention we’re having chicken parmigiana? 😜

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  2. I can’t speak for others, but surely most of us understand the constraints of time. I’m glad you are enjoying John. This is a marvelous time in your life, and I hope you get 40 hours a day to get everything done. My rule is that people in the room with me always get attention before people on the screen.

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  3. Glad you have someone, sounds like he is a great help! I do things around here to help Michelle, except cook. For some reason, they don’t enjoy Spaghetti every other night.

    For the last week, Michelle and I have been suffering from food poisoning after eating out. Both of us, have been to the Dr. twice. I even got a CT scan of my stomach.

    Stay happy, relax, enjoy your extra time to breathe. I’m sure all of us will be here for you.

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