Another Time, Another Place

Forever changed with the passage of time…

Almost 50 years ago, in the summer of 1970. Here’s a snapshot of me with my little daughter, Kathryn… Kathy, as we called her at the time.


Note the striped pants I’m wearing… the epitome of cool that year. They were multi-coloured, which your eyes are spared from seeing in this black-and-white pic.

Note too our contrasting hairstyles. Those days I used to straighten my naturally curly coif using top-secret methods I thought only I knew about. My hair was actually just like Kathy’s, and in later years, as you’ll see, I let it go the way it wanted.

Kathy and I were ready for a day at Belmont Park (Montreal’s amusement park, not the racetrack in the U.S.!) and were just waiting for our friends – another couple and their toddler – to arrive, so we could all go together. My then-husband took this photo in front of the duplex we lived in, which no longer exists. The address was 5407 rue Vezina, near boulevard Decarie in Montreal, but the whole row of houses on our street was demolished a few years later to make way for a huge shopping complex: Decarie Square.

Here we are again later that fall, getting some fresh air via the sun roof of our old Volkswagen. In addition to this feature, I remember three things about the car:

  1. It was white.
  2. The “heater” never worked properly.
  3. While my ex was driving it on a snowy street that winter, we slid right into a SNOWBLOWER. Those mammoth tractor/trucks were pretty unforgiving, let me tell you. I was sitting in the back behind my ex for some reason, and bumped my nose hard on the back of his seat. It was, shall we say, a rather sudden stop. 😁 (Nothing broke, but I think it made my nose a bit… um, rounder? 😬)


The location of this pic? Why, it’s the parking lot of the Côte St. Luc Library, now known as the Eleanor London Côte St. Luc Public Library (named after its late founder and long-time director). It’s certainly more built up now, with many trees all around and lots more cars.

Thanks for joining me on today’s little trip down Memory Lane. In case you didn’t know (or forgot!) here are a couple of recent pics of me and Kathryn.

So long for now!



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