Friday Follies #179 – Making Grammar Great Again, One Hyphen at a Time

Happy Friday, FF lovers, and welcome to another repast of silly snafus-of-the-week collated for you by the Grammar Cop! 😁

  1. “And the list just goes as he rather dodges his way through a number of issues and matters during those first 18 months…”
  2. “In addition, the city’s insistence on maintaining parking-meters maximums at two hours…”
  3. a/ “Local comedians … have once again teamed up to offer Montreal comedy fans a series of regularly-scheduled shows with line-ups that are filled with top notch Montreal and Canadian comics.”
    b/ “Through their newly-established Perfect Bite Productions, the duo have…”


The corrections:

  1. Yes, the word “on” is omitted between “goes” and “as.” But the Grammar Cop considers that to be a mere typo. No, the really offensive item here is the phrase, “issues and matters.” What the heck is the difference between an “issue” and a “matter”? Answer: There is none! When you have two words that are virtually identical, why use both? Just to pad your writing? Bad! So let’s pick one. Either one will do: A number of issues during those… or: A number of matters during those…
  2. Now here’s an ugly phrase, people: “parking-meters maximums”! Apparently the writer was referring to the maximum time span of two hours that is allowed on parking meters. The term “parking meter” is intended here as a compound adjective modifying the noun “maximums.” It does not need an “s” on the end. The phrase should be parking-meter maximums. (Hooray for the hyphen! 😁)
  3. a/ If you read last week’s FF post, you will know that the phrase “regularly-scheduled shows” does not call for a hyphen; it is an exception to the rule. See the asterisked item at the end here. So it’s regularly scheduled shows. By the way, “line-ups” is correct in Britain and Commonwealth countries; Americans are more apt to write lineup as one word. By the way #2: “top notch” is missing its hyphen (top-notch)!
    b/ Same as the –ly rule above; it should be newly established Perfect Bite Productions.

The Grammar Cop understands if you are feeling increasingly crazy and are developing an intensely felt headache. She did too, when she was first learning these rules. But now she is proudly proficient in hyphen skills, and she’s my happy-go-lucky pedantic persona!



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