Friday Follies #180 – Making Grammar Great Again, One Hyphen at a Time

It was a week of bad headlines, people! But don’t worry, the Grammar Cop has galloped to the rescue! 😀

  1. “Tell the government to crack-down on neo-Nazi terrorists”
  2. “Celebrating a 100 year old city landmark”
  3. This:

    Newspaper error in date
    Newspaper error

The Corrections:

  1. This headline writer seems to have suffered a tiny bit of hyphen confusion. He or she placed one correctly, but another one needlessly. Do you know which is which? The Grammar Cop does! No hyphen is necessary in crack down – when you crack down on something, you do it in a hyphen-less state. However, the writer did put one correctly in “neo-Nazi.”
  2. Here’s a sad case of hyphen-o-phobia. A “100 year old city landmark” is wrong-wrong-wrong without hyphens. It should say 100-year-old city landmark. The city landmark is 100 years old, yes, but whenever you put its age before the noun it describes, you must insert hyphens. It’s a rule. What can I tell you. 😃
  3. Did you spot the gaffe? It’s true that this isn’t a grammar mistake – it’s actually a careless typo. But it’s very annoying, since it involves the date of a coming event. See it now? I imagine that the writer, looking at a press release that came in, somehow got hypnotized by the time, 7 p.m. Only by consulting a calendar was I able to verify the true date, April 10th. A rap on the knuckles of this writer is in order.

In fact, the Grammar Cop would like to order knuckle raps for all such offenders. They are offensive offenders and offend her delicate creative sensibilities.  😬🙄

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