Family Fun in Pictures

Well it’s taken me awhile to sort all these, but I think it was worth it! Welcome to my 2019 Mother’s Day family pix!

Thursday: the time has come! My son Jeremy & his wife Lucy have arrived for a whirlwind visit with us in Montreal.

Plane - Mtl. final approach
Lucy & Jeremy fly to Montreal from Brooklyn. That’s the St. Lawrence River up ahead.
Lucy + Jer selfie
Lucy and Jeremy are here!

We meet up with them at a fancy bar and then proceed to La Banquise, a heavenly poutine palace! They have so many different toppings, yum!

On Friday, Lucy and Jeremy explore the cool area around their hotel we call the Plateau – comparable to the Left Bank of Paris. Jeremy likes to photograph city sights; they also visit the Montreal Museum of Fine Arts to see an exhibition of Thierry Mugler designs. Then they visit my daughter Kathryn’s place which is near there, and meet her sweet kitty, Sophie.

Lucy, Jeremy, Kathryn, John and I all meet for a delicious supper at the Korean restaurant, Kiwa. Thanks to the charming server who took the pic!

KIWA gang

Then of course we had to have dessert… Korean Style! So off we went, just up the street to Café Momo. Claims to fame: shaved vanilla ice milk, and tiramisu – take a look and try not to drool. 😄

Saturday! Kathryn picks up Lucy and Jeremy and they go to a local craft show. Then they stop in at an artisanal bakery in Old Montreal and buy some swanky goodies (including fancy popcorn!) to bring over to our place for the afternoon. We all view some of Kathryn’s films and videos she made back in university – since I’m the only one who still has a working VCR! After some glorious photo-snapping – Annie wasn’t too crazy about that part, but then relented – we went to a longtime Montreal landmark for supper, Chalet BBQ!

After that succulent feast, Kathryn drove us all to the nearby Café Mariposa, where we enjoyed a great show – a birthday celebration for owner Victor Labelle – featuring the Posablues band, guests Elana Harte and others…

The quickie visit of the Americans is almost over – but what’s a Sunday without a proper breakfast?! And thus we found ourselves at Bistro Tôt ou Tard, Happily we walked off our sublime brunch at Parc Lafontaine, another Montreal landmark, across from the resto. The park encompasses 84 acres. Big enough for ya? 😃

Lucy's breakfast closeupEllie's breakfast - Tot et Tard-rotateJohn + Kath + Jer 2Ellie + Lucy again breakfastK + J - Lafontaine Park - backs onlyGANG on benchJer-Lucy-John selfie

And so ends a most successful and fun family get-together for Mother’s Day! Lots of love, laughter, and – yes, food!! 😅😂😉 Until next time!

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    Thought I’d reblog this from last year – what a happy, carefree time it was! So different this year of Covid-19, when we had a Zoom Mother’s Day get-together instead. But so nice to see & hear my kids!! Thanks to Kathryn and Jeremy for arranging it; hope next year we’ll see each other in person! 💖


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