Dog Days of Spring

Yesterday John and I were strolling along rue St-Denis, a lively thoroughfare in Montreal on a sunny Sunday. What did we see? (Hint: Arf!)

Dog tied up
Photo (cc) by byronv2
  • A tiny dog not much more than the size of a kitten, trotting beside its master to keep up (and keep from being trampled by other people!)
  • A pit-bull-type dog, unmuzzled (How would it react to a child running nearby, or dashing right up to it?)
  • A young couple loosely tying their cute little Boston Bulldog to a pole and entering a store. See generic photo above. Okay, it wasn’t raining yesterday, but still… Consider:
    • the hot sun beating down on the unprotected dog
    • the dog could somehow escape
    • a child could come up to it and be bitten
    • the dog would feel abandoned: you disappeared into thin air!
    • the dog could, in the blink of an eye, be stolen!

All in all, it made me wish I could carry a big sign:

LOVE YOUR DOG – treat it as you would want to be treated if you were one of them!

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