Friday Follies #191 – Making Grammar Great Again, One Hyphen at a Time

Welcome back, Friday Follies followers! The Grammar Cop has chosen some prize infractions for you to mull over… if you enjoy that sort of thing. 😄

  1. “…From the Biggest Fan of Miss Macdonald, who’s impression of her was non-religious and I did not convert to Catholicism from seeing her cross every day in grade 7!”
  2. “In this case they were appraised of the actual weather that existed at the time of the mishap.”
  3. “Studio Orka, a Belgian theatre company, chose to change the character in their show Tuesday to someone recovering from a serious injury – prior to it’s premiere at the Manchester International Festival.”


The corrections:

  1. The word “who’s” is incorrect here. The only time we say “who’s” is when it’s a contraction of who is, as in: The teacher who’s absent will miss all the fun. But the letter-writer above intended to use the possessive form of “who,” which is whose.
  2. “Appraised”? No! To “appraise” something means to assess the value of an item, as in: She appraised the diamond ring and said it was not a real diamond after all! 😁 This writer meant to say apprised of, which means informed of. And by the way, Associated Press, shame on you! No proofreader? Apparently not!
  3. Oh nooooooooooo! It’s the dreaded it’s/its mistake!!!!!  “…prior to it’s premiere”? No! Here we want the possessive form, which is its – with NO apostrophe. So when do you put an apostrophe in there? ONLY when you want the contraction for it is, as in:  It’s a glorious sunny day today. Yay!

The Grammar Cop will now go out in the sun and enjoy the healing warmth of its rays. See you next week with more language boo-boos for your appraisal!



2 thoughts on “Friday Follies #191 – Making Grammar Great Again, One Hyphen at a Time

  1. 1-“Apparently this student was asleep during the grammar lesson”, said the Owl. Whoooooooooose
    2-AP should appraise their proofreader.
    3-Yet another apostrophe catastrophe. Insult to injury. 😀

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