Friday Follies #207 – Making Grammar Great Again, One Hyphen at a Time

Aaaaand here’s another grab bag o’ goofs for you, ever-so-cleverly assembled by your host, the Grammar Cop!

  1. TWO errors here: “The media is going to find other women. And there’s a couple of his opponents…”
  2. TWO errors here too! “…the story of a generation – Jewish immigrants who settled in New York City’s then-teeming Lower East Side at the turn of the last century … Those early days in Brooklyn…”
  3. “The family then moved north to Peakskill, N.Y. where young Sheila encountered…”

The corrections:

  1. Say it with me, friends: Media is a plural noun! So it should say: The media are going to find other women… (The singular is medium.) The other mistake is: “there’s a couple of…”  A couple means two, which means more than one, plural. Therefore it should say: And there are a couple of his…
  2. There are no grammatical errors in this excerpt, but there sure is a mistake in geography! The area known as the Lower East Side is, literally, on the lower east side of the island of Manhattan. To the right of Manhattan lies the East River, and to the right of that lies Brooklyn, which is on the western end of Long Island.  Kind of like this:
    Google map
    Thanks, Mr. Google!

    So what we have here is, as they might say in the movie world, an error in continuity. You can’t say they lived in one place, and then in the next sentence pick up on it and say they lived in another place. Proofreading one’s work after writing it is a necessity!

  3. And apparently, after the Lower East Side (and maybe Brooklyn later on?), they moved north to Peekskill. It’s always nice to spell the name of a city properly in your article, don’t you agree? 😅

The Grammar Cop is in a extra-snarky mood today, ladies and germs. Can you tell? 😉😜 But really, is it too much to expect that people getting paid to write newspaper articles – yes, even in dinky weekly rags papers – don’t assault our eyes with such aberrations? Grrr.



5 thoughts on “Friday Follies #207 – Making Grammar Great Again, One Hyphen at a Time

  1. 1-Find other women for what?! Let’s hope the opponents don’t find them. Alert the media!
    2-This article receives two bad marks for lack of proofreading and geography.
    3-At least the writer didn’t day the story “peeked” his/her interest. 😀

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