Friday Follies #210 – Making Grammar Great Again, One Hyphen at a Time

Happy Thanksgiving weekend, American FF fans. Be thankful you didn’t write these abominations! 😄

  1. “Trump rung in Thanksgiving weekend with a photoshopped image of his face atop a golden, perfectly oiled torso.”
  2. “Rotrand motion important step in reigning in police prejudice”
  3. “The book argued, somewhat triumphally, that the new emerging majority was inexorable and inevitable.”


The corrections:

  1. First of all: “rung” is incorrect. The proper form of the past tense here should be rang. (“Rung” is used in “has rung” or “had rung” – or a rung of a ladder. 😅 Secondly: “photoshopped” should be capitalized, unless you want to be sued by Photoshop. I’m kidding, they don’t know you exist. But still. It’s a brand name, which must be capitalized. Thirdly, did I really want the image of Trump’s face “atop a golden perfectly oiled etc.” seared into my brain? Urg…
  2. This was a headline atop the main editorial in our weekly rag newspaper. Shame! You do not “reign in” something! The term is rein in, as the Grammar Cop has explained before (although not to the rag‘s editor, as perhaps she should have). The expression stems from to rein in a horse. Easy-peasy when you know, right?
  3. Speaking of easy-peasy, this one’s quick: there is no such word as “triumphally.” If you want to make an adverb out of triumphant, the word is triumphantly.

Okay, that’s all the Grammar Cop could cope with! Don’t eat too much. Don’t buy too much. Say buh-bye nicely to your visiting relatives, that’s it… remember, you have a whole year to recuperate! 😅

4 thoughts on “Friday Follies #210 – Making Grammar Great Again, One Hyphen at a Time

    1. Yep, this haul o’ horrors was a bigly one indeed. Special for your Thanksgiving celebration! 🙄😁 Hope you had a lovely holiday, which here in Canada was called: Thursday. 😄🤣


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