Windows on the Past – 2 brothers and 2 sisters

Going through family photos is fun… especially when you come upon an irresistible theme.

My adult children, Kathryn and Jeremy, are still as close as can be, considering one lives in Montreal and the other in Brooklyn, and both have really busy lives. But family trumps all! 😍

Long ago, my kids and I had a dog. We treasured Anouk, a “Heinz-57” rescue, who lived with us from 1976 until 1987.  This pic was taken exactly 41 years ago, in 1979.

By the way, Jeremy is still a dog fancier – but Kathryn and I have since gone cuckoo over kitties! 😃

K & J & Anouk
Kathryn & Jeremy cuddling Anouk

Below is another pair of loving siblings. This sweet photo was taken sometime in the late ’90s; I’m only guessing, because there’s no date marked on the back of it, darn it. It depicts my mom with her only brother. (She also had 6 sisters!) They were both in their 80s here.

Did I ever tell you that Mel once saved my mother’s life? In her 20s, she was a pretty strong  swimmer – but not as good as she thought. She figured she could swim across the Richelieu River… but became exhausted by the halfway mark. Luckily Mel spotted her and guided her all the rest of the way, swimming beside her, making sure she floated on her back, and egging her on.

Mel & Ida
Uncle Mel & my mom, Ida

You can feel the love.



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