Laughter: The Universal Language – #156

Such humour, you can’t imagine! 😉

Talking dog
Photo (cc) by Jean-Marc Linder

There was once a man who wanted to make a bar mitzvah for his dog, who was almost 13. He decided that he would seek advice from his orthodox rabbi.

The rabbi said, “Are you crazy?! A bar mitzvah for a dog?!”

The man replied, “Yes, rabbi. My dog has been part of my family for almost thirteen wonderful years.”

The rabbi said, “I’m sorry. I can’t do this for you.”

The man returned home and pondered this for awhile. Then he went to a conservative rabbi with his query, who responded in the same way: “Sorry, I can’t do a bar mitzvah for a dog.”

Finally the man approached his local reform rabbi and asked if he would do the bar mitzvah for his dog. The rabbi said, “Listen, we do tend to stretch the boundaries around here, but a bar mitzvah for a dog is absurd.”

The man, really frustrated by now, responded, “Look, rabbi, I’ll donate $18,000 to your synagogue if you agree to do a bar mitzvah for my dog. Please.”

The Rabbi quickly turned and said, “Oh! You never told me the dog was Jewish!”


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