Windows on the Past – my singer-songwriter phase

I once had “another life.”

Ellie + Martin guitar c. 2000

Yeah, back in the 1980s and to a lesser extent, the 90s (see above!), I was a living-room singer and songwriter of little note… er, notes.  My “career” such as it was began in 1981 with a satirical ditty I wrote that was full of digs at conceited girls. Here’s a photo of my friend and me, singing it at a party. 😅

Jap Sisters

My ditty was well received, and we went on to sing it among other tunes with some pals at many a singles party back then.

Good Buddy Band-blue

I just realized that I already wrote about our group, The Good Buddy Band, before! (It was here: But that post was almost four years ago, so maybe some of you forgot – as I did! 🙄😄

Anyway, I don’t do this type of activity anymore, partly because I became more interested in other types of writing, and partly because I no longer have my amazing 1967-model Martin guitar.  It’s a long story, but it’s gone…sniff. I’ve had several other guitars since but they just don’t measure up to those honey-warm tones at all. Ah well. At least I have my memories – plus a bunch of songs I wrote, a few of which you can find here at these links. Note that others covered them. (I don’t like my voice.)

Thanks for reading, listening and watching!


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