Parents! About to tear your hair out? Stop!

As a former family support worker, I’d like to help you.


Sound familiar? Presenting a united front isn’t easy sometimes, especially if you and your co-parent have different ideas about discipline. Often we were raised in different ways ourselves, so it’s hard to “bend” to someone else’s methods.

I know this unprecedented COVID-19 lockdown period is difficult, with the kids home all day, every day! I’m sure their behaviour can be extra challenging.

Try my little book. It’s an illustrated guide of dos and don’ts, based on what I saw during my home visits as a front-line family counsellor. Experts in the field have said:

Parenting quotes

My book is extremely inexpensive, as I wanted to make it widely available and affordable. And it works! Order today from or, and many other Amazon sites.

Perfect 3D001square

Let me know what you think! 😊

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