Friday Follies #224 – Making Grammar Great Again, One Hyphen at a Time

Aaaand we’re back! Greetings one and all, from the Grammar Cop! Here’s a brand-new mess o’ miserable mistakes for you to mull over.

  1. Why does over 44% of Americans still approve of Donald Trump’s handling of the coronavirus crisis?
  2. The site itself is extraordinary, but even more, is the mysterious aura in which the entire site is shrouded in.
  3. The water always taste’s fresh, since the filter system removes any impurities and the stagnant taste via a charcoal filter.




And the corrections:

  1. What’s the problem here? Easy-peasy! The singular verb form “does” must be changed to the plural do, in order to agree with the plural “44% of Americans.”
  2. Whoever wrote this abysmal sentence was perhaps sleep-deprived; it should be rewritten. Let’s take a stab at it: The site itself is extraordinary, and is shrouded in a mysterious aura. (The word “aura” is mysterious itself in this context! What the heck does the writer mean? We don’t know. A little more precision would be appreciated, right?)
  3. The abomination in this sentence is “taste’s.” We never use ‘s with a verb. It should be tastes fresh.

Clear as mud? The Grammar Cop’s excuse is that she is sleep-deprived. She bids you good day until next Friday and hopes you have a safe and healthy week!


7 thoughts on “Friday Follies #224 – Making Grammar Great Again, One Hyphen at a Time

  1. 1-Because apparently they were all absent on the day grammar plurals were taught.
    2-But, wait! There’s more! Even more extraordinary? That awful sentence was published.
    3-The apostrophe catastrophe strikes again!

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    1. 1. They are naughty and must sit in corners, plural!
      2. I know! All of these were published somewhere! Argh!
      3. I so love that phrase. You should trademark it! (One cannot copyright a single word… I don’t think.)

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