Friday Follies #244 – Making Grammar Great Again, One Hyphen at a Time

Two be’s or not two be’s? That is the question! 😆

  1. Trump’s already unstable personality may be being affected by a steroid, and he’s attacking his own officials.
  2. We cannot help but think these issues be associated with the rush to produce more vehicles by the end of each quarter to break new records.
  3. That sort of care towards the brand is something Tesla would be able to retribute simply with more demanding quality control.


And the corrections:

  1. Are you “being” crazy yet? The Grammar Cop is crazier than usual because of this doozy! “May be being affected” is not only wrong, it’s sickening and horrible. 😬 It is never okay to write “be being.” Here’s a simple fix: omit “being.” Here you go: Trump’s already unstable personality may be affected by a steroid…
  2. “Be” is not the right verb choice in this sentence. Replace with “are”: We cannot help but think these issues are associated with the rush… (Perhaps the writer was going for the subjunctive mood, but it’s not called for here.)
  3. Puzzling, isn’t it? “Retribute”? How complicated English can be when a writer (whose first language is not English; Portuguese in this case) tries too hard! The intended word is emulate. We only know this from the context, which, in the interest of brevity, was omitted here by the Grammar Cop. Oh, just FYI – this is the definition of “retribute,” according to retribute. Not exactly an everyday word.

The Grammar Cop hopes to see you next Friday after her brand-new computer is set up, which was waaay overdue. Perhaps you read my little complaint about my ancient 2008 model, here! Have a great week!



10 thoughts on “Friday Follies #244 – Making Grammar Great Again, One Hyphen at a Time

  1. 1-The writer was being a bit unstable. (But not nearly as unstable as the subject of the sentence.)
    2-And now we be in a bad mood after reading that sentence.
    3-The writer must now make retribution for this silly sentence.
    Bees everywhere are laughing and telling these writers to buzz off. 😀

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  2. I spotted the mistakes immediately, but I’m still puzzling about retribute. Perhaps the person could be forgiven, since English was a second language. The spelling checker here has it underlined.

    My eyes stumbled when I read your computer dates from 2008. Wow! It’s amazing you could use the internet with it! I’ve probably had three or four computers since then, and I don’t replace one until it dies. Good luck getting used to the new one.

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    1. *My* eyes “stumble” every time I have to use this antique! It’s so slow, I could probably have knitted a thousand sweaters by now in all the time it takes to do stuff. And btw, I don’t know how to knit. 😀


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