The Eyes Have It

This new double-vision thing is interesting… but not in a good way. 😬😯 Here’s what I mean:

Ellie-eye patch

  • You can’t judge depth perception, so you trip getting on the bus. Now, a week later, you need to hold a cold-pack on your knee, but you can’t see properly to put it on just the right spot. 😑
  • Your “good” eye quickly tires, so you have much less time to keep up with your social media accounts. Especially, you…
  • …feel guilty that you’re short-changing this blog!
  • You pour water all over the counter instead of in your water bottle. 🙄
  • I could go on, but…

Oh! how did this happen, you may ask? Answer: I have no darn idea! I woke up one morning, I think it was January 31, and felt a dull pain “behind” my right eye, and found that my eyes just couldn’t focus. It was as if I wasn’t wearing my glasses – but I was! I fiddled with them, trying to look at things from different angles – at the TV, or computer, or phone. Normally I have no problem whatsoever. 

I called my neurologist who referred me to a neuro-ophthalmologist. After I had many tests, she couldn’t say definitively if it was optic neuritis or not. (I had suspected it was, because I have a very mild case of MS, very stable for a couple of decades now. Optic neuritis is commonly seen in MS patients.) She wants to see me again in four months. Whaa?! What about my double vision, I asked her. Can’t anything be done? She just shook her head and basically implied that I’d have to suck it up, and that this will probably go away on its own at some point.

Hence my pirate look! The eye patch means I don’t have to keep holding a hand up to block one eye.

On a positive note, the dull pain went away after a few days.

I’ll see if I’m up to writing my Friday Follies installment tomorrow. Sigh. 😔

10 thoughts on “The Eyes Have It

  1. So sorry to hear all this… You’re gonna need to bedazzle that patch. Or better yet print out a photo of that eye and paste it over the patch! Time to get creative.

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  2. Sorry to hear this development. With an eye patch and a face mask, what’s next? Look through “The Joys of Yiddish” for some more laughs and stories. I’m sure you’ve looked at it before. I used to give a copy to friends more of a lexicon so as to increase one’s vocabulary. Be well, be safe! Morrey W.

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  3. So sorry to hear of this, Ellie. Glad you are not in pain. May your double vision go away as mysteriously as it appeared. Hope you heal. Sending love.

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