70s Kitsch

A talented fellow blogger, Luanne Castle, wrote a post about the 70s that jogged my memory. I went on a hunt through my ancient photos. (Hey, the 70s started 50 years ago! That’s a couple of generations!)

Here’s a sampling of what I could find.

Below are pics of daughter Kathryn and myself, very early 70s. You can tell by the paisley kitchen chair, left, and (right) my striped pants – pink, yellow and blue, no less. Did the circus come calling? 😅

Okay, below is actually a 90s photo, but I plead guilty to my use of 70s upholstery and curtains. This is my son Jeremy in his 20s, visiting from Vancouver with Bouncy and me. (That kitty had that name with I got him. I think it was meant ironically, since he just lay around and slept almost all the time. Bouncing was decidedly not in his repertoire. 😂)

Jer + Bouncy on Barre

These time warp pics show me wearing a 70s-vibe sweater and wild hair, and here’s my family in the late 70s in my dining room – note avocado green curtains, matched in the very busy-pattern tablecloth.

I wish I could find more… I have such vivid memories of certain appliances (avocado green, and harvest gold), paisley wallpaper, wide-legged bell-bottom pants, suede vests with fringes, and more. I just don’t have photos of them. Remember, back then photos were considered a luxury, and most people didn’t run around with cameras slung around their necks… now of course with cell phone cameras, we’re almost drowning in pics!

If I find any more oldies you’ll be the first to know! 😄

21 thoughts on “70s Kitsch

  1. Oh, those were fun. I have a photo where I had a hairstyle very much like your quasi-afro, only mine was platinum blond and I was sitting with an acoustic guitar – obviously feeling very cool LOL

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  2. Harvest gold and avocado green – our first place when we got to Louisville in 1975 was furnished with avocado green carpeting and appliances (and a black and silver spider web patterned wallpaper in the half bath). The next place was all harvest gold – except for the orange, brown, and baby s*#t coloured shag carpet that graced the living and dining rooms. And all of the towels I got as wedding presents in 1971 were harvest gold. To be honest, if I never see that colour again, I will be blissfully happy.

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  3. In my apartment-living days, avocado and harvest gold were the thing. Even the house I bought in the late 80s have a gold refrigerator. I saw Luanne’s post I thought I should break out some of those 70s pics myself!

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