What do *you* think?

Russia’s “special military operation” – aka scorched-earth-murders-and-mayhem genocide underway in Ukraine since February – shows no signs of abating. Aside from the torture and killings as well as the displacement of millions of refugees, how is this allowed to happen?

Obviously, all Western countries (i.e. except Russia’s allies) despise what Russia is doing. Yet aside from offering Ukraine weapons, there are no Western troops on the ground, and, much to Volodymyr Zelenskyy’s chagrin, there’s been no order of a no-fly zone above Ukrainians’ heads.

As unconscionable as this situation is, at least some help is being given, aside from weaponry: “comfort” supplies to the citizens, and expedited acceptance of Ukrainian immigrants in European and North American countries.

I am totally in favour of such assistance, and wish we could do more. Of course the deterrent to the kind of help President Zelenskyy is asking for, is the fear of nuclear weapons – both “theirs” and “ours.” We’re not ready to speed up the end of the world.

Meanwhile… have we forgotten Afghanistan? The images we saw all over the news, before the carnage in Ukraine began? The starving babies and mothers, the devastated girls barred from school? The Taliban’s murders of Afghans who had aided the “enemy,” i.e., us – Canadian and American soldiers? Where are the planes helping desperate Afghans to emigrate? Can we not at the very least save those who worked for Western troops, and therefore face certain capture and murder by Taliban thugs?

Surely the suffering of one people does not eclipse that of the other. Let us not forget.

So… what do you think?

5 thoughts on “What do *you* think?

  1. I’ve been asking myself the same questions. I may be naive, but I believe that if all the countries that oppose this heinous butchery had declared a no-fly zone, much of the devastation could have been avoided. One country should not be allowed to march in and take over another one because they decide to do so. Wasn’t that the reasoning behind WWII?
    According to a blog from Finland I follow, it seems that country was given the same ultimatum by Russia; apply to NATO and suffer the consequences.

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    1. Russia: biggest bully of all!! I like your idea that if all freedom-loving countries would’ve declared a no-fly zone… “united we stand,” right? What could Russia do then, simultaneously attack every single country that opposed them? 😡

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  2. My thoughts: we (US) never had any business invading Iraq or Afghanistan and causing all the death and mayhem in those countries. Russia is acting more like Hitler, and I wonder what history is going to say about the lack of resistance from Ukraine’s allies. What if Hitler had been stopped after invading Poland? Will we be looking back and saying, “What if Putin had been stopped after invading Ukraine.”?

    As for accepting refugees from the Middle East, we certainly should be helping those who helped the US. Afghanistan is a conundrum. I don’t know if it’s the geography or what. I get the impression that some factions are bound and determined to keep those people living in the Stone Age.

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