This Will Only Take a Minute

Do you like *very* short fiction? I’m happy to say…

…that one of my flash fiction pieces, “Stung,” made it into the This Will Only Take a Minute – 100 Canadian Flashes anthology published by Guernica Editions. It’ll be available this November (2022), but is on Amazon now for pre-order. Here’s the link.

I received my author copies and I must say, every mini-story (1-2 pages!) is a sparkling gem. As for mine, well, you’ll be the judge! 😁

10 thoughts on “This Will Only Take a Minute

    1. Thanks, it is! So: I just tried to leave a comment on your site, on your latest post, and now it won’t let me do it on Safari either!! Nor on Firefox, still. No biggie though. I’ll just tell you tere what I was going to write: And a Happy Lughnasadh to you too! But I must tell you that at first glance, that word reminds me of the Yiddish word, meshuggah (crazy)! LOL!

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  1. I’ve been having the same problem for two days. I can’t comment on most blogs I follow without signing in 2 or 3 times. Firefox was updated yesterday and every site except WordPress is working for me. aarrggh I contacted WP customer service a few times but they keep blaming it on me. Now that’s meshuggah! 😀

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    1. Dang!!! You should write to them, a “Happiness Engineer”‘s job is to help you!! Did you email, or phone them? Email is definitely better. It’s something to do with your site, I’m telling you, cuz I haven’t had this problem with other bloggers. They’ve gotta help you with this.! Btw even when I signed in (tho it shouldn’t have asked me cuz I was already signed in), it still wouldn’t allow me to comment. However, I can “like” your posts. Go figure, huh?

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      1. They are not much help and I’m not happy! They keep blaming me. I don’t pay them to blame me. They are supposed to be helping but so far, no luck. To post this answer I had to sign in twice.


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