Old? Well, yes. 😜

Is the first digit of your age a 6 or higher? No? Then you may skip this. 😅

I never felt old until…

  • People started offering me their seat on the bus and Métro.
  • I noticed that all working people I deal with are younger than me, e.g. doctors, nurses, lawyers, entrepreneurs, etc.
  • I had to sit down to put on my shoes, because… well, because.
  • I became regularly constipated. (I used to be a regular girl.)
  • I realized that hypothetically I’m old enough to be a great-grandma. (Mind you, I’m not even a grandma without the “great.”)

I’m feeling less comfy with my age than I was back in 2019, when I wrote my post, “The Old Grey Mare…” But what the heck. It is what it is, eh? Here are a few pics of me and my handsome son from last year’s visit on Long Island, NY.

The next photo is very special indeed. It shows me at age 44, my lovely daughter at half my age (at her graduation from Concordia University) and my awesome late mom at 77, the exact age I’ll be four weeks from now.

Here’s to another bunch of years.🥂 I like it here!

20 thoughts on “Old? Well, yes. 😜

  1. You look terrific. I honestly thought you were at least a decade younger than me when I saw your photos (forgetting that would be unlikely given your work with McGoohan). I was stunned to find you actually have a few years on me—almost nobody does these days 😏

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  2. Congratulations on your latest trip around the sun. You look great! And much like your mom, too. I started my 6s this year. Whew! Can’t remember last time I put on shoes without sitting down (slippers and flip flops don’t count)😁

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