Friday Follies – 3 mistakes that make me go “Arghhh”!

In which I, self-appointed Grammar Cop, call out the national media for yesterday’s goofs.

  1. “…staunch (the flow of blood)”  – the NATIONAL POST
  2. “…peaked the interest…” – CNN.COM
  3. “She’s sank to number 25 in the WTA rankings” – SOME SPORTS WEBSITE

I hereby sentence you all to summer school for English dunces. And better hurry, we’re into August already!

I expect more from the media! Grr.

10 thoughts on “Friday Follies – 3 mistakes that make me go “Arghhh”!

    1. U mean “separate” – oh sorry, sorry! I just can’t help myself! 😔 Actually it’s funny u should say that, because the whole grammar thing was the impetus for getting this blog started. If you read my very first post u’ll see what I mean. But then I obviously veered away from that focus. Too confining, I guess.

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  1. Hi Ellie! I found your blog via dearlilyjune’s post (the one about the dragon loyalty award) and I ‘have’ to say is – OMG!!! I found the grammar police!!!! *shock/terror/awe*

    I’m officially hyperventilating at the thought of you reading my blog *nail-biting*


    1. Do not worry! I promise to be gentle! Lol. I’m no ogre – see what I did there! “Lol” is not even a word. So u see – and “u” isn’t a word either!! And 2 exclamation marks/points, hey! Just to show u I can break all the rules with the best of them. And that was a sentence fragment. And it’s perfectly fine to start a sentence with “And.”

      Welcome to my blog, Meg! 😊

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  2. No, that is unforgivable.

    KIDDING! As u are, too. Welcome, dear new follower with a great sense of humour! (Note Canadian spelling there.)

    I’ll visit *your* blog when I’m more awake and at my computer. My thumb is getting tired now workin on my iPhone! ☺️ Ttyl.

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  3. Hahaha!! I love your “Canadian” spelling! We use the same too! As a result, I’m in a constant state of war with my auto-correct!

    Well, I think we’re going to get along famously!

    Ciao for now!! xx


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