Friday Follies #7 – One mistake (5 times!) that makes me go “Arghhh”!

The Grammar Cop never sleeps. Today I am presenting five instances of a widespread malady called “Hyphen-o-phobia.”  And four of the instances are in promotional pieces for posh private schools. Shame on them.

  1. “A 7% income tax cut for middle class Canadians” LIBERAL PARTY AD. Okay, here are two goofs for the price of one, in our non-school example of hyphen-o-phobia.  That should be income-tax cut and middle-class Canadians.
  2. Now the schools. All these examples are taken from articles in the FREE PRESS. First up: “Life worthy learning: learning that is likely to matter in the lives learners are likely to live.” Ick. Aside from the horribly awkward phrasing and word choice, that should be Life-worthy. Whatever the heck that is!
  3. [Our] computer coding and robotics programs fine tune students’ critical thinking skills…”  That should be fine-tune. I’m also partial to computer-coding, because it’s actually part of a phrase, “computer-coding programs.”
  4. “…a group that earned a 100 per cent success rate.” Come on. Let’s get a hyphen in there! Can’t leave those parts of an adjectival phrase floating in the ether all by themselves! Join ’em up: 100-percent success rate.  (A note on percent: The Grammar Cop prefers it as one word, rather than as per cent, since after all we don’t say “per centage, but percentage.)
  5. Last one, the ever-popular “classes at our high school campus…”  NO. High-school campus!

I give these schools a well-deserved ‘F.’

2 thoughts on “Friday Follies #7 – One mistake (5 times!) that makes me go “Arghhh”!

  1. I totally agree. This pains me to no end. With the loss of this grammar rule, things become far less readable and make far less sense. It seems to me that hardly anyone pays attention to this rule anymore! ALSO UBER-ANNOYING is that countless websites (even those for prestigious institutions of higher learning, like the one at which I work) do NOT know the difference between the verb “log in” and the noun “login.” AAAAAAAAARGH.

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