Montreal Time Warps for Folkies

If any of you old folkies (i.e. from the early ’60s) are hankerin’ for some sounds that hark back to the good times from yesteryear, look no further. As one who also fondly remembers the popular coffeehouses of that era such as the Finjan, Potpourri, Penelope, The New Penelope, The Fifth Dimension and others, I am happy to tell you that there are at least two venues in Montreal eager to help you reminisce. Check these out.

  1. The Mariposa Café welcomes you to its homey setting in NDG.

MariposaThe brainchild of local musician-entrepreneur Victor Labelle, it features performers both freshman and senior, with a broad range of styles – all within the folk spectrum, from blues to ballads to bluegrass. Here’s one duo’s performance from 2013: “Pointer’s Crossing” – Virginia Dipierro and Dan Hecht.

The Mariposa has an Open Mic night every Thursday, giving newbie singers a chance to shine. It also boasts a small menu of yummy home-made goodies for hungry audiences and performers alike. See:

2) The Mad Monk Café is located in the basement of the Madison Baptist Church, which is at the corner of Madison and Monkland Avenues – hence its name. George Toufexis – who goes by the stage name of Deacon George (he really is a deacon in the church) – is a talented musician who hosts each show, approximately bi-monthly. Not only an excellent performer, George also researches, introduces and illustrates each performance with anecdotes and slides. Every show has a different theme, so you might enjoy Johnny Cash songs one month and next month learn about Muddy Waters. Thanks go to George’s wife Gerrie who serves up some mighty fine cakes ‘n’ cookies! Here’s an excerpt from a recent show.


Thanks so much to Victor and George for keeping the music alive!

5 thoughts on “Montreal Time Warps for Folkies

  1. Thanks Ellie for the Pointer’s Crossing video on this great blog!! We are so very fortunate to be part of the Mariposa community. So many musicians get the opportunity to play and perform there thanks to Vic who is a genuine music lover and works to keep live music the main attraction of his cafe. His encouragement and spirit are one of a kind. Mariposa is the place to be in NDG!!

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    1. Not sure if you saw this, since I posted it in the wrong ‘reply’ box!
      “Virginia, thank *you* for your great music! Your voice reminds me of the Carter Family women, I love it! Love that old-timey sound. I will definitely be back at the Mariposa and hope to see you there! Oh, and thanks for ‘sharing’ my blog post on your FB page! Btw, I have readers in *40* countries! (okay, just one from Bahrain, but still! 😉 ) Keep on pluckin’!”


    2. Hey Virginia! I’ve just reposted my post in six different groups! BTW I’ve now been read in **86** countries, the latest Georgia – not the state! LOL! Hope things are going well with you!


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