Time Goes

So I have a milestone birthday coming up next month, as I’ve mentioned before. I am becoming distinctly forlorn over this. I’ve always been super-aware of aging whenever my current decade would crank over to the next. Life has whipped by way too fast for my liking. So I find myself looking at things I wrote years ago and some of it really takes me back… like these lyrics to a song I wrote back in ’86.

Time Goes

Back in Nineteen-
Before we got married
And then got divorced
Had a little sports car
Four on the floor
Had miles of love
Couldn’t ask for more.

Back when a dime was
Worth every cent
And Lyndon Johnson
Was president
Folk music reigned
In the places we went
We meant what we said
And we said what we meant.

But time goes in one direction
You can’t go back again
Our children are the only connection
To a past that had to end.

Baez and Dylan
Showed us the way
The music defined
What we are today.
But who was to know
And who was to say
That the blues were going
To come our way.


Our young lives together
We played like a game
The days came and went
With no stresses or strain
But who could foretell
In the future that came
That nothing would ever
Again be the same.


© 1986 Ellie Presner
Pass me a hankie.

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