Friday Follies #28 – 3 mistakes that make me go “Arghhh”!

Gather ’round, little ones, while the Grammar Cop shares with you the results of the latest quota of inanities. (Yes, that’s a word; I checked to save you the trouble. 😉 )

  1. In THE SUBURBAN once again: “He is very greatful towards his foster family for having saved him, but unfortunately they cannot keep him long-term.” And the folks at this kitty-rescue group aren’t so grate at spelling.
  2. Somewhere on FACEBOOK: (I know, I know, it reeks of bad English over there, but I love this one.) “My hero my baby became an angle in heaven today.” He was very good in geometry. (Oh I’m so mean!)
  3. DOCUMENTARY CHANNEL TV show description: “The NFB’s history and it’s subtle use of Propaganda over its evolution…” I haven’t had one of these in a while. I feel like a lone voice in the wilderness, trying to stem the tide (to mix metaphors) of the ongoing it’s/its debacle. Sigh.

And no, there is not a single week that goes by that is blissfully blooper-free. Sigh again.

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