Book Progress Report #2

Ding ding ding! I made it to 24,144 words! Okay, it’s not a whole heap more since last weekend, but – considering I procrastinated a lot to get here, I’m pretty satisfied.

Also, the thing is, I can’t just sit down and start cold, writing from where I left off a week ago. Nope. I have to go back a few pages to kind of get my head back into it. So naturally, when I do that, I start editing what I wrote before! So there goes at least an hour, y’know? But I like to think I made it better than it was.  Now I’m on page 73 (8×11, double spaced, Times New Roman 12 point). But I also have footnotes. And an index, which brings the total to 88 pages. Yup. But let me explain: the footnotes are both informative and, I like to think, funny. The Index of Goodies as I call it is chock full of extra stuff, analogous to the extras they used to put on DVDs. I’m hoping these extras will add to or enhance what I have in the main part of the book.

Gotta go now, didn’t have lunch, so will have an early din-din.

See you next week (I only write on the weekends), when I’m aiming for a big fat 26,000 words.

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