Friday Follies #31 – 3 mistakes that make me go “Arghhh”!

The Grammar Cop had a busy week, but has narrowed down the offences (“offenses” to you Americans, OK? 🙂 ) to the following:

  1. At – “…that he gave qualudes to at least one woman and…” No, no, no! Once and for all, it’s Quaaludes. It is a BRAND NAME, and must be capitalized. See Also, note the missing second ‘a’ just to add insult to injury. I expect better from ABC news.  (By the way, I’ll bet you can guess who the story is about!)
  2. THE JERUSALEM POST ( – “…the Israeli magazine was inspired by its coverage and voiced hope other media outlet’s would follow in their footsteps.” Really, Jerusalem Post? Tell me, just why is outlet’s possessive, with the ‘s? It should be outlets, plain and simple. <shaking head in disgust>
  3. CRAIGSLIST – Yes, I know, not exactly the bastion of great writing! But this boo-boo was just too good (bad!) to pass up: “Pure boxer spade and neutered.”  Aside from the hilarious misspelling of spayed, is it really necessary to add the redundant neutered?

All together now: Arghhh!!!

And how was your week?


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