Nids-de-poules*? I sure wish they’d lay them somewhere else!

Yes, it’s that time of year again. Giant potholes rear their ugly heads on every street in our otherwise-fair city.

"Huge" pothole
Photo (cc) by Tom Chance

This is a pothole. The photographer, one Tom Chance, has titled his photo “Huge Pothole.” This makes me laugh, and all you other Montrealers are probably chuckling too. Huge? Is he kidding?

No, Montreal potholes are in a class by themselves. I once tripped into one a lot bigger than this, and wrote a post about it here. (Okay, maybe it wasn’t actually bigger, but it seemed bigger… probably because I fell into it knees first. Ouch.)

They’re a danger to life and limb, bike wheels and car alignments. I have lost hubcaps due to the darn things that I didn’t see ahead of time.

If only our mayor didn’t concentrate so much on grand gestures (bringing to mind another mayor we had, a certain Monsieur Drapeau). Such as lighting up the Jacques Cartier bridge, in celebration of the anniversary of… something or other. Montreal’s founding? Canada’s 150th? Whatever. 😉 The point is, we sure wish he’d get crews out there and fix! our! streets! instead!

*To my non-local readers: A “nid-de-poule” literally means a chicken’s nest, in French. It’s what French-Quebecers slangily call a pothole.

[A shout-out of thanks to my friend John, who suggested this topic today. How timely!]

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