Friday Follies #50 – 3 mistakes that make me go “Arghhh”!

Happy July 29th, readers! Today we have two misspellings in the surnames of celebrities, no less, plus one error that makes the Grammar Cop really wince.

  1. From THE SUBURBAN, naturally: “Celebrated directors Guillermo del Torro,…” Noooo. His last name is del Toro, just one r. This was in a caption; the really crazy thing is that in the article itself, his name is spelled correctly – but only sometimes. Go figure.
  2. One more from THE SUBURBAN: “…none other than shock rocker Marilyn Mason, who…”  Somewhere there is an innocent suburban (?!) housewife named Marilyn Mason wondering why she appears in an article calling her a shock rocker. Marilyn Manson, on the other hand, is missing in action.
  3. In SALON.COM, an excellent online magazine except for the occasional slip that gets through, like this one: “…Trump supporters have significantly worse views … than Republicans that supported other candidates.” I see this mistake over and over. When we’re talking about people, we have to use who. Not that. That is for inanimate objects, such as “These are errors that drive me nuts.”

I’m sure these goofs are ones that you will remember and not make yourselves. 🙂

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