Book Progress Report #7

Here’s the latest update! I’ve been up to my eyeballs in revisions on my little memoir, “Surviving Hollywood North – Crew Confessions of an Insider.” Oh, nothing too major, but still time-consuming.

I gave a copy of my book to select beta readers (see my progress report #6) some time ago, who gave me a ton of feedback, and I’ve been working on the fixes.

I am also taking sporadic breaks from that to proof my son-in-law’s latest novel. He, by the way, gave me some very good feedback on my book as did my son, and it is much appreciated!

In spare moments, I’ve also been researching literary agents who are accepting submissions now, as well as how to write a kick-ass query letter.

In between, just for fun, I’m practising guitar and also my bike riding! See my “bike baby” here and also here.


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