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My pal Catherine Rahal wrote the following excellent piece on her Facebook page, and has very kindly given me permission to repost it on my blog. Thanks so much, Cathy. [Note: I will be back posting here at the end of next week. I have an out-of-town guest, and then am going to visit my son in NY. Stay well and safe. – Ellie]

The closer we get to election day, the more pieces I see about Trump’s misdeeds, cons, etc – and more wishes about how THIS (whatever it is) will be the thing that finally brings him down. The fact is, he is still skating on a surface that allows him to glide over so many things that would have felled any other candidate. He has bullied his way up, he has systematically removed the backbone from any of the top Republicans (McConnell, Ryan, Priebus and so on). We keep praying for a miracle, but the only miracle will be the one that gets non-Trump voters to the polls to make their votes count. If they don’t, the US will be in jeopardy, and the rest of the world will react accordingly.

It isn’t that he has a different worldview than most people or that he is an outsider. It is that he is ignorant to the degree that he does not know or care what he is ignorant of. Gut feelings can be useful, but without knowledge to back them up, how can he possibly run the country.

There is enough evidence out there to show that he is not the astute business man he purports to be. There is ample evidence of his cons and scams, not to mention his misogyny and xenophobic rantings. And the most frightening thing – and those seeking power within his circle should take note – if he doesn’t like you or how you operate, you’re fired. Today he attacked the value of freedom of expression. Does anyone really need more evidence that this is a dictator in the making?

We should all be on our toes and ready to cast our votes. If you live outside of the U.S. but are eligible to vote, get your absentee ballot and make sure you send it in.

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