Friday Follies #59 – 3 mistakes that make me go “Arghhh”

Hi again, FF fans! Today’s boo-boos involve two apostrophe aberrations as well as a word that the Grammar Cop has seen confused with another, time and time again.

  1. MONTREAL GAZETTE: In a real-estate ad – “Many extra’s.” Oh dear. The writer must’ve missed my many previous posts deploring unnecessary, just-plain-wrong apostrophes. [Insert eye roll here.] Why insert an apostrophe in many extras, anyway? Is it possessive? Do the extras own anything? And even if they did, since they are plural, the apostrophe would go after the s.
  2. THE SUBURBAN: Once again, a Suburban writer outdoes himself – in the “Back to School” supplement, no less. “…looking at months’ of extra work.” Chop that apostrophe out! The months don’t possess anything. Okay, you could say [in a stretch] that they “possess” the “extra work,” but you’ve got an “of” in there, so that takes care of it. This writer made several more mistakes in the same article, but I can’t bear to talk about them now. NEXT!
  3. CLOSED CAPTIONING in movie, “Secret in Their Eyes” (2015) – Closed captioning is an absolute travesty when it comes to English errors. This one really rankles: “…I can’t reign her in.” No, it should be rein. It’s particularly noteworthy since it rehashes a mistake I’ve seen so many times before. In fact, if you enter “reign” in the search box just to the right of this post’s title, the results will include more than a half-dozen explanations in Friday Follies of this rein/reign confusion.

Off I go now. May you rein in a glorious week, and may peace and good health reign supreme.

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