Friday Follies #61 – 3 mistakes that make me go “Arghhh”

Hi, Friday Follicles! This week’s little assortment of blunders caught by the Grammar Cop includes the following:

  1. HUFFINGTONPOST.COM: “…nevertheless retains a solid grip on white, lesser-educated voters…” What? Try less-educated voters. Works just as well – no, even better!
  2. THE SAK (online ad headline): “EVERYTHING IN IT’S PLACE”  Ugh. Here we have the dreaded it’s/its snafu – in screaming uppercase, no less. It should say its place, because the phrase is possessive.
  3. MONTREAL GAZETTE: “After a year in office, Prime Minister Justin Trudeau is still riding high but the province’s beg to differ.” Oh really? Did the “beg to differ” somehow belong to a province? Is that why the singular possessive apostrophe-s was added? No no no. The writer must have missed his/her grade-three grammar lessons. Of course it should say provinces – with the plural s ending, not the singular possessive ‘s.

Whatever happened to the fine arts of editing and proofreading? Arghhh!

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