Poems for Li’l Kids #3 – Fred the Elephant

Third in a series of fun little poems for very little kiddies.

Fred the Elephant

I saw an elephant one fine spring day,
And as he lifted up his trunk to say
All the things good elephants always say,
A fly flew in, and on its way
It tickled the elephant’s skin.

Fred the Elephant
Oh noes!! A fly flies into Fred’s nose!

Ah-choo! Ah-choo, the elephant said,
For all the elephants, or so I’ve read,
Are sneezled by flies, or so I’ve read,
And the one in this story, whose name is Fred,
Was certainly no exception.

From the tip of his trunk – or should I say, his nose –
He began to quake to the tip of his toes.
For the fly made him sneeze all the way to his toes
Fred couldn’t have done anything else had he chose,
And in this case, the fly chose him!

Fred huffed and puffed and wriggled his snout,
He danced on his toes and turned all about…
And do you know that Fred, who this story’s about,
He sneezed so hard, that without a doubt
He blew that fly back out!

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