The Age of Acquire-ius

While I’m on the subject of January 20th (see last post), I notice that the same date is the start of the astrological sign, Aquarius. For me, however, this month will be the END – the end of the Age of “Acquire-ius,” and the beginning of  the Days of Downsizing.

I’ve always been addicted to yard sales. Flea markets, bazaars, call ’em what you like, they’re all the same: yes, you’re looking at someone else’s junky cast-offs, but you’re also getting an opportunity – a chance to obtain stuff that’s new to you, really cheap! Very cheap! This is the kind of adventure that makes my heart beat a tad faster, because you never know what you’ll find.

Yard Sale
Photo (cc) by Erin Stevenson O’Connor

Jewellery – earrings for $1! Rings for $2! Pendants, 50¢! Oh, and I’ll let you in on a little secret: church bazaars? The best! For quantity and prices, they can’t be beat. What a friend I have in Jesus! 😀

Books – I always drooled over the book section at yard sales… but not since I was gifted with an e-reader. For those still turning paper pages, sidewalk sales and bazaars are gold mines for a great variety of hardcovers and paperbacks alike at rock-bottom prices.

Records, DVDs, CDs, again, you’re bound to find what you’re looking for. Clothes? The same, I’ve been known to buy a winter jacket, blazer, t-shirt, scarves, mittens and more at various church bazaars.

And of course for all sorts of miscellaneous finds, yard sales can’t be beat. I bought a huge framed print for $15. In vibrant red, black and white, it fits right in with my bedroom decor. I just love it! And a beautiful vase I obtained pulls together the pastel colours in my living room.

However. All good things must come to an end, as the saying goes. Sadly, for me, this is the end of the Age of Acquire-ius. I am planning, hopefully this year or next, to move into a cheaper apartment, possibly a subsidized residence. It will no doubt be smaller than the very large one-bedroom I now occupy. Therefore I must start to jettison as much stuff as I can, before the time comes to pack.

How on earth I’ll manage to part with things, when, until now, for many years, I’ve been in a collecting mode, is anyone’s guess. Some say I should start small: earrings I no long wear, dishes and pots I never use.

I don’t know. I think I understand how the universe will feel when it stops expanding, and then begins to contract. It’s hard to move in a different direction, when you’re used to a forward momentum.

But I must. I made a good start this past summer, since I didn’t go to a single yard sale. I was tempted, but no, not even one! (The fact that I no longer have a car no doubt helped!)

Okay, it’s clear to me now what I must do. This summer, if you’re around Earle Road near Ashdale, come and visit. Bring bags, and lots of small change. I’ll be hosting a very big yard sale!

6 thoughts on “The Age of Acquire-ius

  1. I have a friend who is addicted to thrift shops and yard sales. She swaps out things, big things, like tables and sofas. She has lots of smaller stuff, too, but she keeps things moving. I plan to be on the lookout for things I’m ready to give up and take them to the Salvation Army. My friend is smarter. She refinishes pieces and sells her older things at a consignment shop. I’m not that talented.

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  2. I’m in the same boat, sort of. I’m one of those silly people who will stop along the side of the road and pick something out of someone’s garbage. I come by it naturally —- my Ma will do it every time. LOVE thrift shops, Goodwill, consignment, and …. my personal arch-nemesis ….. AUCTIONS.

    What a wonderful post. I’m donating 1 large shopping bag of linens and 3 banker-boxes of books this weekend to the cat rescues where I’d adopted all of my furry buddies. They are having a “yard sale” to raise money for the rescues.

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    1. Isn’t it so much fun, finding great deals?!! Oh auctions, so addictive too, right? I stay away for that reason; the price can get away from you before you know it!
      Good for you for donating all that stuff!


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