We’re gonna need a bigger boat…

Looks like history is being made… but I wish it wasn’t!

This is happening now:


A portent of climate change? It’s not something we are used to seeing around here. The only other time I can remember an event like this was our great flood on July 14, 1987, almost 30 years ago:


I’m kind of glad I live on the 14th floor! But all those poor people who are so unlucky…

I guess we’ll spend the whole summer drying out… at least, I hope we do!

13 thoughts on “We’re gonna need a bigger boat…

  1. As someone who has been busy mopping for the past few days, I share your concerns. One should never take Mother Nature for granted as she does have a wee bit of a temper tantrum now and again. Or maybe she’s menopausal and having a hot flash! 😉

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  2. Crazy, indeed. I hope it ends soon and well for all those affected.

    Btw- You *do* realise that living on the 14th floor really means you live on the 13th floor, right? Hope your luck holds out for the rising flood waters! [Tee hee 😀 ]


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  3. Yes, but you’ll need to know the length of a cubit. Seems there is some discussion on how long a cubit actually was/is…

    Cubit conversion: Culture Inches (centimeters)

    Hebrew (short) 17.5 (44.5) Egyptian 17.6 (44.7) Common (short) 18 (45.7) Babylonian (long) 19.8 (50.3) Hebrew (long) 20.4 (51.8) Egyptian (long) 20.6 (52.3)


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