American Sociopath

The following is a link to The Daily Kos, a progressive publication I receive as a daily newsletter by email. It features an article that is all over social media by now. In case you’ve missed it, check it out; it’s well worth a read.

American Sociopath

by Propane Jane
Sunday June 4, 2017

Jerk. Liar. Bully. Thug. Con artist. Scumbag. Asshole. In the four months since the inauguration of Donald Trump, these terms have regrettably become aptly descriptive staples of our political lexicon. We’ve officially arrived at a dystopian moment in our nation’s history when our elected officials don’t earn respect because they don’t give it. If it isn’t a flippant remark from a Republican “representative” to his outraged constituents at a health care town hall, it’s Trump shoving another world leader to get to the front of the line, a Republican sailing to victory after publicly assaulting a journalist, or an entire Republican Congress looking the other way as allegations of treason engulf the Trump administration in seemingly never ending scandal. It feels as though everywhere we turn we are inundated with not just unbridled arrogance and entitlement, but a refusal by the “powers that be” to hold any of the bad actors accountable.

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4 thoughts on “American Sociopath

  1. I wake up every morning hoping I just had a nightmare. Then I turn on the radio and find out I’m actually living the nightmare. 😦 ________________________________

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